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  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte
  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte
  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte
  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte
  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte
  • Filmagem de casamento em Belo Horizonte


The most simples moments that you will remember for all your life through our eyes.


Details, gazes, smiles,
Sentiments that mark a
whole generation to be able to
reviewand feel everymoment and be connected to the past of your family, your history.


Geococcyx “roadrunners”



Pitaya(cactus fruit)


Nature is one of our maine sources of inspiration, and it takes us to a more organic
approach to describe the most important moments of life.


Unlike me, he is calm and objective. He is always searching for some new challenge, loves sports, he is always moving. He is addicted to movies (and collector of many good ones), art lover, learned how to draw with raw talent when he was very young. He loves photography, specially when it has a emotional narrative and a simple story.Always smiling, his mood is even better when he has a bottle of Jack Daniel’s by his side. He likes to walk around with his headphones and his camera, being himself, which makes him active and in harmony, makes him younger and his soul purer then ever.Gabriel, or better yet, Zeca, is the newest member of the family, his son. He is loved by all of us. We are a very unique family, but it doesn't matter what people think it should be like, but how we feel. I believe that soon enough they will show up with some tattoo that they made together, and it will be different, just like they are.

By Sam


He is an enthusiastic man. When he believes in something, he dedicates himself completely. He drove out of Belo Horizonte at 3 am all the way to Rio and back, with to other crazy friends in the car, to pick up Bentley (a dog that needed a home). How does he accomplish these things? With enthusiasm! There is nothing better than getting involved that you believe in, to dedicate yourself to a cause, and that's what he does! Involves himself with passion, dedicates himself and gives himself totally.Creativity comes for him during the nights. Being with him is like being in the middle of a storm, but a storm of ideas. And it is not enough to listen. You have to contribute, participate, and go beyond. He is in constant evolution.If you want to know about a band, a new sound, he is the man for you. But you can't expect him to dance, because it is not he's thing. To think, to brainstorm, and to imagine: these are he's strong points. He never stops and he will contaminate you! He is always connected to what is going on in his surroundings, as long as it is not happening between 6am and 1pm. By the way, be ready. When you are on your way to bed, he will be at his most powered self.

By Jon.

Together we form the right ingredients to make Feeling Films always different, like us. And that is what we will do for you: complete your essence through our passion that is to narrate moments of special days in your life, the same way we'd do ours.


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We are in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

We would like to get to know you better, and that's why we want
to know every single thing that is going through your mind. This way, we can present you with the best of us, made just for you!

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